Women Industrial Supply Executives (W.I.S.E.)

W.I.S.E. is an acronym for Women Industrial Supply Executives. It is an exclusive networking group within the Industrial Supply Association (ISA) comprised of accomplished, recognized and high-performing women. Membership is by nomination or invitation only. Each company is limited to three representatives.

The members of W.I.S.E. desire to learn more about the industry and discover their own potential for improvement while they also influence the industry. They are committed to supporting and mentoring each other and other women within their chosen careers in industrial distribution.

The purpose of the W.I.S.E. Special Interest Group is to build a network of industry professionals who will share and learn from each other, improve their professional management and leadership skills and positively influence the industrial supply industry. W.I.S.E. seeks to enhance the value its members receive from their ISA membership.

An Historical Perspective: How we got to where we are - W.I.S.E.

If you would like more information about W.I.S.E. please contact Kim Wieland, Executive Director at KWieland@isapartners.org. Membership in W.I.S.E. is by nomination only. If you would like to  nominate a qualified Candidate please complete the nomination form.

W.I.S.E. Leadership committee

Cathy Pendrick Kathleen Durbin
Cathy Pendrick, Chair
Committee Chair
Quality Mill Supply
Kathleen Durbin
Advisory Committee Chair
General Industrial Tool & Supply
Sandy Johns Gail Ludewig
Sandy Johns
Governance Committee Chair
Milwaukee Tool
Gail Ludewig
Communications Committee Chair
TotalWorks Inc.
Marisol Fernandez
Lori Mata
Membership Committee Chair
Norton / Saint-Gobain
Marisol Fernandez
Education & Development
Committee Chair
Bunzl Redistribution 
Molly Langdon
Molly Langdon
Engagement Committee Chair
Stellar Industrial Supply
Jill Raper-Marshman
Networking Committee Chair
Quality Mill Supply