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1)  How do I sign up for a bundle?
To sign up for a course bundle, visit the ISA Learning Center webpage here and click ENROLL NOW.

Make sure you are logged into the ISAPartners website with the member company login information.

You will be redirected to a form where you will indicate which course bundles you want to purchase. You will be able to indicate how many bundles you would like to purchase, as well as the names of the participants taking the courses.

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2) How much is each course bundle?
Each course bundle costs $100 for members, $125 for non-members. Participants purchase entire course bundles and will have access to each course within said bundle. It is not possible to purchase a single course at this time.

3) What is the difference between a course and a bundle?
Course Bundle Information
A “Course Bundle” is a group of courses about a specific topic. We currently offer five course bundles (Sales Management, Selling Skills, Leadership & Management, Operations & Customer Service, Microsoft Office). Each bundle gives access to a number of courses and lessons. A complete listing can be found here and explored by clicking on the bundle titles.

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4)  Can I register others in my company for bundles?
Yes! Whether you are using a company credit card or simply purchasing on behalf of another, you will indicate the participant’s name and email address during the checkout process.

5)  Can more than one person register for the same bundle?
Yes, although you will need to purchase multiple bundles for multiple users. Only one username is issued per bundle purchase.

6)  How long is my purchased bundle license valid for?
The license for a purchased bundle is valid for six months from the purchase date. This information is sent to you in the confirmation email.

Skillsoft Login

Skillsoft1)  What is Skillsoft?
Skillsoft is the on-demand learning management software that the ISA Learning Center uses. While ISA will be issuing the login information and content, you will be accessing the courses within Skillsoft software.

2)  When will I receive my login information?
You will receive your login information within 24 hours of a processed transaction. A confirmation email will be sent from ISA to the participants’ email addresses that were provided during the checkout process.

3)  How do I login to the Learning Center?
You can login to the Learning Center using the username and password that is sent to you in the confirmation email after purchasing a course bundle. Visit the Learning Center portal here. You can also find the link to the login page by visiting the Learning Center portion of our website.

4)  I am having trouble logging into my account. How can I get my login information?
Whether you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can use the links located below the login fields on the Learning Center portal to reset your information. If you continually experience trouble with this automated feature, email David Freno at dfreno@isapartners.org to request your information.

Skillsoft login

Accessing Content: Bundles, Courses, and Lessons

1)  When I login to the Learning Center, where are my courses?
When you login, your courses will be in the Catalog.

2)  How many lessons are in each course?
Each bundle contains courses, and each course contains lessons. Depending on the course bundle you have purchased, there could be as few as 4 lessons per course to as many as 11. Each course has been specially designed by the content experts at Skillsoft to comprehensively advance participants knowledge and development within each category.

3)  How long will it take for me to complete a bundle?
A complete listing of bundles, courses, and lessons is located here and includes the approximate amount of time for each. The approximate amount of time required for each bundle is:

  • Sales Management  - 22 hours
  • Selling Skills - 12 hours
  • Leadership & Management - 40 hours
  • Operations & Customer Service -  59 hours
  • Microsoft Office - 40 hours

4)  Is there a set lesson track, or can I take lessons in my own order?
Each bundle contains courses and lessons that are formatted to be taken from beginning to end; however, participants can take lessons in any order.

5)  Is my progress automatically saved?
Yes, your progress is saved and you will be able to pick up where you left off the next time you login.